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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Cancer Cure Coming to Toronto 2015

The Cure to Cancer
The Macklin Medical Mission

Further to our discussions in earlier Blogs about the cure to cancer which has been available since the spring of 2012 and is now effective against leukaemia and melanoma, we would now like to discuss the success of ever larger clinical trails in the United States. The two major centres for research are of course the M.D. Anderson Center in Houston and of course the cancer research centre at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. For this discussion our focus will be on the very successful research being undertaken at the Abramson Family Cancer Research Center in Pittsburgh which has now expanded to the Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia (CHOP). In this regard their primary focus is children's leukaemia up to the age of 18 stages one through four - the cure.

So if you have a child with leukaemia - this is the answer to your prayers.

To retrace our steps for a bit before we get going you should remember that cancer is a virus and hence oncology. So just as we don.t treat the common virus such as flu with surgery or chemicals or radiology then why have we been treating cancef the population through our auto-immune r this way for the last 140 years. No illness can wipe out all of us and in the line of thinking cancer will be cured by a third osystem which is to say through our white blood cells. Both white and red blood cells form the hematological base of our bodies. Red blood cells carries oxygen and white blood cells or leukocytes, which are our army cells, do all the work requested by the auto-immune system.

having said that then it should be pointed out that at the very worst cancer can only kill about a third of the human population if left unchecked. A third of the population has a sufficiently strong enough auto-immune system combined with white blood cells to kill cancer in any form. Another third basically holds cancer in check and will die from other ailments, while the remaining third are the ones we see in cancer clinics. 

Even with chemo-therapy which has been around in some form or other since the mid 1940,s and radiology which has been around since 1886 (burn therapy) most of them will eventually die with a few induced clear periods and a greatly reduced auto-immune system combined with radiology but they will never be cured. The approach for the last 150 years since we knew what we were dealing with has been in completely the wrong direction.

The real oncologists are doctors with a Phd in Bio-medicine not the average doctor who calls him or herself an oncologist in the hospitals. In fact all doctors in Ontario, Canada in our hospitals are “contract doctors” who see each and every cancer patient as a $70,000 billing point. They can not proscribe any new procedures unless it has been fully approved by OHIP so as not to risk their licence - even when they know there is a very successful treatment in the United States.

As in our previous Blogs those with cancer are treated in the United States as if the the cancer is a virus and so it should be. In Canada, its pull out the scalpel, order up some radiology and start injection and proscribing chemicals. Lets destroy the auto-immune system system and hope for the best. Fantastic. Hell they are going to die anyways lets just help them on their way … and collect $75,000 per patient along the way. And the sliding scale of Stage One through Four is not helpful either. Canadian medicine at its best.

So what do we do here in Ontario other than pray for those with cancer. 

We bring the treatment of cancer as a virus up from the United States and bring it to one of our hospitals for clinical trials here right under the nose of the doctors here and our precious OHIP. 

No scalpel, no chemo and no radiology. Those can now be placed in the museum were they belong and we treat cancer as a virus - no mater what stage it is in and cure it within weeks - and without ANY side effects - other than being cured of course. 

So lets star with children’s leukaemia shall we. By all means. rather than marching our children with cancer off to the local witch doctors - oopps did I say that - lets just call them doctors without a cure. Treatment sure and compassion sure - BUT NO CURE. 

As a parent you chose - Going through hell with chemo and radiology and dying - or life without side effects and the cure. 

I’ve seen this offer go to two children with leukaemia here in Ontario and the doctors here dissuaded the parents from opting for the cure. How sad is that. Actually it’s worse than sad - its pathetic but they kept their billing point at $75,000.

This is 2014 - next year being 2015 the clinical trial studies are being brought up to Canada as I have previously induced - under licence of course - and we expect and have requested that Toronto Sikc Kids will be one of them. 

The treatment for leukaemia is so successful in the cure rate that it does”t matter which stage the patient is in with cancer. Unbelievable. Even stage four and with tumours. All gone in six to eight weeks. Yes GONE - CURED. So you have a child with a four pound tumour - try lifting four pounds of butter and image it gone in eight (8) weeks and your child is cured - then image the current cancer treatment process as it stand now. 

You are the parent - you chose - take your time - its only your child’s life - not hard is it.

I know the doctors who both created the cure (you can read about it on Google - New England Journal of Medicine) and the lead doctors at the Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia. They are the best of the best. Actually they are the very best of the very best. AND they are bringing it here next year.    

So what is the cost to you the patient. Other than the cost for the stay in Toronto - McDonald’s House will not be able to handle everyone - is the cost of housing for the family - the cost of the treatment is carried by the pharmaceutical company and the cost of the clinical trials itself. In most case its carried by a company in the United States under a licensing agreement with the hospital and the company. 
Just to have your case reviewed and profiled in the US would cost your $25,000 US funds. here ists nothing and for once OHIP actually is beneficial for the cancer patient. The actual process is discussed in a previous Blog so we don’t need to do that again. 

So what’s in kit for the Macklin Medical Mission? Nothing. Our Foundation is one of the oldest medical charities in Canada having stated in 1886 by Dr William E Macklin and Dr. Alfred H Macklin from the university of Toronto. Their story is also discussed in a previous Blog. Just a couple of doctors who graduated at he very top of their Class. The very best of the very best. 

So to support this move for the clinical trials from Philadelphia to Toronto - to bring the cure to cancer for leukaemia - we will be seeking your donations to help cover the cost of the patient’s stay in Toronto.

One other thing we discovered over our years in the charitable business in Canada is that 96% of all donations come from individuals - company donations even on a matching basis from corporations amour to a mere 3% - and that is in a good year. Why because the cancer cure helps people not companies.

And finally donating money to hospitals and the Canadian Cancer Center without proper financial guidance, which has been the case for over 100 years, means also supporting countless layers of bureaucracy and countless chemical companies and suppliers of out of date radiology machines as well as countless millions in salaries and benefits long before it benefits children. Countless lotteries have also wasted and continue to waste money and donations and are expensive to operate - the proof is that they simply have noting to show for the countless millions raised in a myriad of venues and donated to them - ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! - on-going so called “treatments” without a cure IS nothing.

So yes - we are asking for your generous donation - to help kids be cured of leukaemia. Using the]same process will also cure breast cancer - or any other cancer and that’s next … 

So if you have cancer or know of anyone who has cancer - especially children with leukaemia- the door is now open and this is the way-out.   

*    *    *    *    *    *

However, just as it is in the United States, 95% of all cancer funding comes from individuals just like you and me. There are a number of ways in which you can make a donation to this program at the Macklin Medical Mission sponsored by the Nancy-Griffon Foundation, visit the following:

1.    and print the donations forms on the web page and mail it to us
2.  Or send your draft or money order to the CIBC at 23 Mapleview Dr West in Barrie [Manager]
3.  Or send your draft or money order to the TD at 60 Mapleview Dr West in Barrie [Manager]

All personal donations should be by way of a Money Order or a Draft drawn on a Canadian or American bank and the minimum is $100 in order to receive a tax receipt. Corporate donations can be made by way of a corporate cheque. Corporate tax receipts start at $1000. Please include your name and return address. 

If you work for a corporation, please ask your company to support this new program. We all know some one who has died from cancer, is dying from cancer or is in the process of receiving treatment for cancer and is undergoing radiation of chemotherapy or both with the possibility of surgery. Its time to stop and look at what the future holds for them and the rest of us. One both you the private citizen and the private corporation can decide who and what to fund. The ethics are also simple – choose “inept” or “adept”. The larger labs have failed us – thought they can replicate us; the larger cancer fund raising programs have failed because they failed to finance the smaller labs. It’s the story of the small Dr. Banting lab in day, we too may walk in their shoes. 
Your choice now is very simple – this is a defining moment -the little town of Alliston which discovered insulin so many years ago - all over again. But now you know, thankfully to the Macklin Medical Mission and the internet. 
Like so much else in cancer research - this is a private sector initiative - and a very successful one. The Government including OHIP will catch up only when it decides to do so. They are always late to the table. It’s your choice now, whether this takes three years, whether it takes four years, whether it takes five years; and how many more children and others have to die from cancer when they don’t have to. 

But clinical trails will be here next year. And due to current financial restrictions you will not find this arriving at your front door or your local mail box as a solicitation letter. This is it. Like everything else we do, we are only using modern technology.
Your financial support for the Macklin Medical Mission will be sincerely appreciated.  Thank you.

Eric J. Macklin  MBA., FICB, FCSI, FMA, UE
Managing Director
Macklin Medical Mission [Est. 1886]
The Nancy-Griffon Foundation Inc [Est. 1975]
Youtube:   Breast Cancer - A New Direction
Blog: www.themacklinmedicalmission/blog