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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Cure for Cancer - Macklin Medical Mission

Cure for Cancer Macklin Medical Mission on Facebook As in all things there eventually comes a time when the cure for cancer arrives and there are those people who yell and scream that it has happened. However, and there is always a “however” - those most affected both the patients and those especially treating patients with outdated radiology which is 130 years old and somewhat refined in today’s world with the ever present lead shields and the smell of radiological burns at the targeted and tattooed areas of the body – usually smells like bacon; and of course the chemotherapy applied with such relish by everyone called an “oncologist” these days with the constantly redux in recipes provided by the chemical companies and their research labs which are costing the north American cancer field $2.6 trillion dollars a year. You can safely imagine the push back by these chemical companies and the companies providing x-ray machines for the ever present radiology treatments combined which cause so much havox to younger patients and the elderly – especially those with weak livers to start with and who die early enough without being eased on their way. Well the cure to cancer is here with the use of white blood cells from the patient’s body and T-Cells from the patient’s bone marrow lined up as it were in a open pitri-dish with a biopsy of the patient’s cancer for a “little one-on-one education” and re-injected back into the patient’s body effect the cancer to effect the cancer cure. A cure long known to Dr. Lionel Macklin a graduate of the University of Toronto with the final step being the isolation and extraction of T-Cells. We now have the cure to leukemia and melanoma currently in refinement in clinical trials still and breast cancer not that far behind. For those of you who wish to support this effort we invite you to the Facebook page of the Macklin Medical Mission – all except of course the chemical companies and those producing radiology machines. Your choice now is very simple – this is a defining moment - both you the private citizen and the private corporation can decide who and what to fund. The ethics are also simple – choose “inept” or “adept”. The larger labs have failed us – thought they can replicate us; the larger cancer raising programs have failed because they failed to finance the smaller labs. It’s the story of the small Dr. Banting lab which discovered insulin so many years ago all over again. But now you know, thankfully to the internet. This is a private sector initiative. The Government will catch up only when it decides to do so. They are always late to the table. It’s your choice now, whether this takes three years, whether it takes four years, whether it takes five years; and how many more have to die from cancer when they don’t have to. And due to current financial restrictions you will not find this arriving at your front door as a solicitation letter. This is it. Like everything else we do, we are only using modern technology. Thank you. Your financial support would be sincerely appreciated. Thank you. Eric J. Macklin MBA, FICB, FCSI, FMA, UE Director Macklin Medical Mission [Est. 1886] Chairman The Nancy-Griffon Foundation Inc [Est. 1975] Canada YouTube: Macklin Medical Mission – Cancer Cure