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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Macklin Medical Mission - Cancer Cure

Macklin Medical Mission
Cancer Cure

A number of people have written to us in regards to the above captioned program and have asked us to post a message on Youtube in regards to the cancer cure now undergoing the required multi-layered clinical trials which will take a number of years to complete. The initial trail has now been done and we invite you to view it on Youtube, which includes one of the research flow charts as to how this process generally works. The clinic, for a very small number of a lucky few is now in progress.

While cancer has plagued mankind ever since his debut on planet earth along with those mammals that walked the earth before him, the scourge of cancer has been haunting us ever since. Radiology in its many forms started with the advent of x-rays in the mid 1880’s and chemotherapy, again in its many forms with various cocktails started in the mid 1940’s all of which are very toxic to the human body especially the very young and the very old.

For years those who specialize in the bio-molecular field have studied the body’s autoimmune system and the white blood cells in conjunction with the mechanics of vaccines to recognize and deal with deadly viruses before they invade the human body. For cancer in its three major categories affecting the derma, the blood system and internal organs, getting the white blood cells to recognize the cancer cells as either an invasive cell or a rogue cell that permeates the body is the last frontier in the fight against cancer.

As of April 2011, that frontier has been crossed in grand scale and we now have a cancer cure without the horrific affects of surgery, radiology such as TCI scans with 400 times the radiation of an x-ray and chemotherapy and its wide range of concoctions most of which have side effects, which are worse than the cure itself. All of these now belong in a museum.

Reflecting back on some of our previous Blogs, it is safe to say that 90% of the funds raised in Canada have gone to capital assets [buildings], followed by prizes necessary to attract support in the first place, and followed by [in our opinion] huge and excessive salaries to both administrators and lab technicians alike. Last but not least are of course the patients both young and old. What we did not post on Youtube are the ubiquitous and endless charts for those cancer victims and their mortality rates.

Our primary concern, is and always will be the children and our new Children’s Oncology Group within the Macklin Medical Mission. The cancer cure is here, but in order to get past all the clinical studies and regulatory approvals it will take at least four to five years to get this into the hands of the general practitioners and hence into the public domain to treat patients both young and old and those in the middle.

While we are not looking for hundreds of millions of dollars like that which is raised in Canada every year we are looking for $23 million [a fraction of the amount spent on prizes each year] to build the new Macklin Medical Mission [as seen on the Youtube posting] and to treat our young patients. For them the grand lottery prize is - life itself.

To get us started in this marvellous new program, we have solicited the top fifty companies in Canada including Banks, Trust Companies and Insurance Companies and major manufacturers and will post the results of this program in February of 2012.

However, just as it is in the United States, 95% of all cancer funding comes from individuals just like you and me. There are a number of ways in which you can make a donation to this program at the Macklin Medical Mission sponsored by the Nancy-Griffon Foundation, visit:

1. and print the donations forms on the web page and mail it to us
2. Or send your draft or money order to the CIBC at 23 Mapleview Dr West in Barrie [Manager]
3. Or send your draft or money order to the TD at 60 Mapleview Dr West in Barrie [Manager]

All personal donations should be by way of a Money Order or a Draft drawn on a Canadian or American bank and the minimum is $100 in order to receive a tax receipt. Corporate donations can be made by way of a corporate cheque. Please include your name and return address.

If you work for a corporation, please ask your company to support this new program. We all know some one who has died from cancer, is dying from cancer or is in the process of receiving treatment for cancer and is undergoing radiation of chemotherapy or both with the possibility of surgery. Its time to stop and look at what the future holds for them and the rest of us. One day, we too may walk in their shoes.

Your choice now is very simple – this is a defining moment - both you the private citizen and the private corporation can decide who and what to fund. The ethics are also simple – choose “inept” or choose “adept”. The larger labs have failed us – thought they can replicate us; the larger cancer raising programs have failed because they failed to finance the smaller labs. It’s the story of the small Dr. Banting lab which discovered insulin so many years ago all over again. But now you know, thankfully to the internet.

This is a private sector initiative. The Government will catch up only when it decides to do so. They are always late to the table. It’s your choice now, whether this takes three years, whether it takes four years, whether it takes five years; and how many more have to die from cancer when they don’t have to. And due to current financial restrictions you will not find this arriving at your front door as a solicitation letter. This is it. Like everything else we do, we are only using modern technology.

Thank you.

Your financial support would be sincerely appreciated. Thank you.

Eric J. Macklin B. Com., FICB, FCSI, FMA, UE
Macklin Medical Mission [Est. 1886]
The Nancy-Griffon Foundation Inc [Est. 1975]
YouTube: Macklin Medical Mission – Cancer Cure