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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Macklin Medical Mission - New Children's Cancer Treatment

The Macklin Medical Mission
Center for Oncology Research and Treatment
Executive Summary

The Macklin Medical Mission is part of the Nancy-Griffon Foundation dedicated to the medical health and welfare of people. Over the years we have been involved in developing the funding and assistance for missions of medical specialists in the field of paediatrics and their staff and personnel around the world ever since the spring of 1885.

For the most part these team of specialist and generalist have been involved in reconstructive plastic surgery for the eyes, ears, nose and throat and in some cases rhinoplasty for cleft palates. Initially the latter came out of the work of many of our specialist as the result of war injuries, from the Crimean War to both the First and Second World Wars again specializing in injuries to the skull structure as well as those that evolved from birth defects later on.

From the early work led by Dr. William E. Macklin at the Nanking Medical Mission in Nanking China, later Nanjing up to the period of General Chiang Kai-Shek in the mid to late 1880’s to the late 1930’s to Dr. Alfred H. Macklin at the King George V hospital in Dublin Ireland. Both of these two famous Canadian doctors were later joined by Dr. Christine S. Macklin, one of the first women doctors to graduate from the University of Toronto and Dr. Daisy M. Macklin, both of who joined the Toronto Women’s Hospital. Dr. Bertrand Chapman’s work in New Delhi India was another medical mission supported by the Macklin Foundation.

Over the last 125 years Macklin doctors and their associates were joined by a host of other doctors to build medical missions around the world one of which became a medical college and later a medical school associated with the University of Nanjing graduating 8,000 doctors a year from a student body in excess of 50,000. The overall impact of these medical missions and teams over the last 125 years has been enormous.

Our primary mandate now is to raise funds to assist in the very new medical research both here and abroad and to build a medical clinic and training center here in Ontario, Canada dedicated to and to continue with the important work of Dr. Lionel A. Macklin who specialized in paediatric reconstructive surgery.

In terms of cancer research and treatment and with the very recent clinical successes in trials with translational therapy of white cells taken from the patients body conjoined and modified with stem cells, these "translational cells" were injected back into the body to become hunter killers of all cancer cells; the time has come to bring this into the field of paediatrics. The clinical studies have shown results far in advance of what was expected. As result 70% of cancer patients to date even with stage four cancer showed a total [100%] remission of all cancer cells and related tumours, and 30% with a 70% remission with one month. Clinical studies showed no side affects at all. Now is the time to end surgery, and ectomies.
Now is also the time to stop the very olde and out of date processes of radiology and chemotherapy which practically guarantee a 20% chance that cancer will return.

Our secondary focus, also non-invasive, for this new team at the Macklin Medical Mission will be in the new and fascinating field of non-invasive micro-nuclear laser oncology leading the eradication of cancer cell nuclei already formed within the body’s organs and to eliminate the growth of new cancer cells identified and mapped by spectrum based cellular dyes. To narrow our focus we will be dealing especially with those cancer cells within the pancreas, the liver, the prostate and uterine walls. The use of micro-nuclear laser in combination with cellular dyes which will have the ability to change colour based on the process of necrosis of the cancer cell from this treatment and the rate at which the laser destroys the nuclei of the cancer cell.

In this regards it will be necessary to develop spectral based lasers each with their own unique ability to penetrate deeper into the structural mass of the body’s larger internal organs. Currently this range of treatment is limited to slightly more than 1 inch or 2½ centimetres without having to dissect the organ itself. As a first step then we will specialize in paediatric research and care field for the applied application of micro-nuclear lasers and the organ tissue to be dealt which is smaller in infants and children.

Patients will be brought to the new Macklin Medical Mission clinic for treatment on three floors of the west wing with attending physicians and researchers and general offices on the three adjoining floors of the east wing. This new Macklin Medical Mission medical center will be built once we have reach our financial goal of raising $23 million in terms of funds raised and pledges made.

We sincerely hope that you, and many others like you, will join in with us in these two important and critical new fields of paediatric medicine in cancer research, and in the creation of the new Dr. Lionel A. Macklin clinic and research center. Thousands of children are dying each and every day from the ravages of cancer in its many and varied forms. We now have the answer. Lets use it.

Its time we hand a final death sentence to cancer cells the same sentence cancer cells have been handing to our children as long as mankind has walked this earth. Our children deserve a life free of the ravages of cancer to a beautiful life and free even of the threat of cancer. I am sure you will agree. You only have to visit a cancer clinic in a hospital and see parents in total horror watch as their children die in front of them to know that you can not stand by – so please say yes and help us help them.

· No more Radiology
· No more Chemotherapy
· No more Barium treatments
· No more surgery
· No more related side tissue damage
· Breast and Ovarian cancer as a major threat to women is history
· Prostate and Testicular cancer as a major threat to men is history
· The terror of chronic leukemia is history

While cancer will remain as an illness, it too like the common cold is history as we speak. With the Macklin Medical Mission we can bring this cancer treatment to one and all, both children and adults. Please help us, as we all know someone who is affected by this scourge, is dying or has died of cancer. While this has come to late for so many, we need to finish the job.

One final note and that is that both Radiology and Chemotherapy as a form of cancer treatment that the side-affects are so abrasive to the human body that these orwellian treatments are responsible for a 20% chance for all cancer survivors of experiencing a second form of cancer within one year after remission of the first cancer.

The longer it takes, the longer we will watch and read about children dying in the arms of their parents.

We, at the Macklin Medical Mission, the oldest medical mission in the world, ask for your financial assistance to support our expanding efforts in this exciting new and highly successful field of white blood cells combined with T-Cell oncology research supported by the Nancy-Griffon Foundation Inc of Canada.
So, donate, support and invest in our cancer research – save a life.

Thank you.

Eric J. Macklin B.Com., FICB, FCSI, FMA, UE
Macklin Medical Mission  [Est. 1886]
The Nancy-Griffon Foundation [Est. 1976]

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