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Monday, September 2, 2013

Childhood Cancer and the Macklin Medical Mission

September Marks Childhood Cancer Awareness Month In Canada September 12 is set aside by the Nancy-Griffon foundation and its Macklin Medical Mission Project to Remember the hundreds of thousands of children, families and caregivers touched by childhood Cancer. Until now, advances in childhood cancer have been dramatic - 40 years ago cure rates were less than 10 percent; today, 80 percent overall are cured. Recognizing that there is more to be done. And the Canadian Federal Government needs to more to assist and to expand paediatric cancer research, awareness and to create the national childhood cancer research registry. “This year, 12,500 families will hear the words, ‘Your child has cancer.’ On behalf of the thousands of families, survivors, and caregivers, we at the nancy-Griffon Foundation remain united in our commitment to conquer childhood cancer. We applaud the Federal Government and the Provinces for proclaiming September 12 as National Childhood Cancer Awareness Day concurrent with our research affiliates in the United States,” said Eric Macklin, National Executive Director, the Macklin Medical Mission and the President of the Nancy-Griffon Foundation of Canada. “September as National Childhood Cancer Awareness month is a major opportunity to grow our community – both on the personal and corporate level to let people know that they can help us find a cure and help ensure that we can reach the day when every child with cancer is guaranteed a cure.” Despite the progress in childhood cancer research, about one in five children continues to die and cancer remains the #1 leading cause of childhood death from disease in Canada and the United States. More than 40,000 children and adolescents currently are being treated for childhood cancer. "Each day that paediatric cancer research goes under-funded, the road to discovering new treatments and cures become longer, and more children die - needlessly,” said Eric Macklin of the Macklin Medical Mission and the Children’s Oncology Group. With proper funding levels – we can conquer childhood cancer.” To ensure continued Federal support for childhood cancer research funding, the Canadian House of Commons and its representatives needs to form the first Pediatric Cancer Caucus - we need members of Parliament to be specifically dedicated to conquering childhood cancer and to support the efforts of the Nancy-Griffon Foundation. “Of the 12,500 children diagnosed with cancer each year, more than 2,000 of these young lives are unnecessarily lost,” said Eric Macklin. Dr. Lionel Macklin was the head of the paediatric oncology ward at the Toronto Sick Kids Hospital for a number of years and became particularly aware of the promise that cancer research could offer for so many children in this country. By allowing more patients to survive and improving their quality of life the Macklin Medical Mission both here in Canada and abroad especially in Nanjing China remains dedicated in its mission in fighting for the often voiceless victims of cancer of this horrible disease.” For the second year, the Macklin medical Mission and its “Virtual Walk for Millions” will unite people across the country in the fight against childhood cancer. In September, our challenge is to bring together 10,00 individuals virtually in support of the 10,00 kids who will be diagnosed each year. To recognize September as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, the Macklin Medical Mission will use original signed artwork from its various sponsors through the Young Artist program (kids with cancer and their siblings donate art) to create a special line of mugs, t-shirts, bumper stickers and buttons to help raise funding for childhood cancer research. About the Macklin Medical Mission The Macklin Medical Mission (the oldest charity in Canada since 1886) sponsored by the Nancy-Griffon Foundation supports the work of the Macklin Oncology Group (COG), one of the world’s largest cooperative cancer research organization, that raises funds for children with cancer. Together with other centers, we are committed to completely conquering the final threshold of childhood cancer through scientific discovery and compassionate care. For more information, visit: This is a private sector initiative. The Government will catch up only when it decides to do so. They are always late to the table. Your financial support for the Macklin Medical Mission would be sincerely appreciated. Thank you. Eric J. Macklin MBA., FICB, FCSI, FMA, UE Director Macklin Medical Mission [Est. 1886] Chairman The Nancy-Griffon Foundation Inc [Est. 1975] See us at: Youtube: Breast Cancer - A New Direction Facebook: Twitter: